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Paris: The Verdict

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Well that was quite a ride! I’ve been in Paris for the whole of the climate talks and its left me inspired, angry, hopeful and completely exhausted all at the same time.

So where did the politicians get to?

First off, this is a significant moment in history. World leaders have grasped that climate change is a bigger threat than previously thought and have agreed to work together to tackle it.

But we can’t put out feet up just yet. The deal doesn’t commit countries to the scale of action or protection of poorer countries that the world needs [1].

The true test of Paris will be the action that follows.

We won’t settle for rousing speeches on the world stage while putting up with dangerous policies back home. In the UK there’s a gulf between our Government’s bold talk of battling climate change and their support for fossil fuels like fracking and attacks on renewable energy such as solar. But keeping the UK fracking-free for another year shows what people power can do.

I did see a lot in Paris to give me hope:

  • An ambition to keep global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees is a positive step forwards and people like you made that happen. So did the resolve of developing countries in the face of huge pressure to settle for less.
  • People came together in Paris to tell incredible stories of victory. From stopping opencast coal mines in Wales to the global rise of solar, people the world over are getting the job done.
  • The 45,000 names from our climate pledge are a powerful reminder that people are way ahead of the politicians.

If Paris has taught me one thing it’s that our movement is stronger than ever [2]. And now is the time to build on our momentum.

Come hear stories from Paris and re-energise for 2016 at Climate Rising on 30 January.

Our Climate Rising day is the perfect opportunity to come together after Paris and get ready for a successful year of climate campaigning in 2016.

Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re new to the climate movement or a seasoned campaigner, you’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and connected with the climate community.

Find out how to get your ticket to Climate Rising.

I hope to see you there,
Rachel and the climate team


[1] Read our CEO Craig Bennett’s analysis from Paris

[2] As well as all your support back home, thousands of people mobilised in Paris to take peaceful action to demand #climatejusticenow. We’ll put some images on our website later today.


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