Tell David Cameron it’s time to act on flooding

28th December 2015

The UK is flooding once again. Earlier this month Storm Desmond led to a record rainfall and devastating floods in Cumbria and the north of England.

And now Storm Eva has blown in – with Lancashire and Yorkshire particularly threatened by more devasting floods.

It’s clear that climate change is making our weather more severe: there’s only so many times politicians can call rainfall “unprecedented” and not see the bigger picture of climate change.

But the Government isn’t investing enough in flood defences, isn’t planning properly for extreme climate change and is keeping us hooked on climate-changing fossil fuels.

Sign our joint petition with Greenpeace to tell David Cameron it’s time to protect the country from the risks of flooding.

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Sign the petition to David Cameron

The devastating impact of recent UK floods serves as a stark reminder that climate change is not a distant threat – it is happening now.

As well as plugging the gap in funding for flood defences, the Government must also produce a new National Climate Resilience Plan and accelerate the roll out of clean power.

These latest floods are yet more proof that we urgently need to quit climate-wrecking fossil fuels.