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More people oppose fracking than support it

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Ministers must listen to opposition to fracking, rather than try and force it on the public, Friends of the Earth said today, as a new Government survey revealed that more people continue to oppose fracking than support it.

On Sunday Friends of the Earth revealed a leaked letter showing that the Government plans to take away the right to decide on future fracking decisions from local councils.

Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

“This is yet another blow to government attempts to bulldoze its fracking plans through the planning process.

“The government’s PR campaign is clearly failing: the more people know about fracking, the more likely they are to oppose it – which is why it wants to take democratic decision-making away from local people.

“Ministers must abandon their fixation with dirty fossil fuels and focus on renewables which are cleaner and far more popular with the public.”


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