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Pulse of the month! Black Badger Peas

year of the pulse logoThe United Nations has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. ..but why celebrate our love of baked beans, houmous and mushy peas!?

Pulses are the ultimate superfood and play a central role in achieving a sustainable food system. Not only are they an excellent source of protein,  and a low carbon food source,  but they also have a positive impact on soil quality through their ability to fix nitrogen in the soil.

This month’s pulse is the Black Badger Pea.

(c) Jenny Chandler

(c) Jenny Chandler

Do you love peas? Black Badgers or Maple Peas are a true British wonder. They have plenty of other names: Carlin or Carling Peas in Yorkshire, Black Peas in Lancashire and Grey Peas in the Black Country.


Check out Jenny Chandler’s blog for inspiration on how to cook them, including her the recipe for Black Badger and Blood Orange Salad.

For more information on the UN’s International Year of the Pulse see IYP 2016 and see a summary below of the reasons why the UN is celebrating the pulse this year.

Find out more about why we are celebrating Pulses.

We will also be highlighting local food outlets which celebrate the pulse on their menus and encouraging others to do so. Please send us your favourite..

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