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Let’s end waste from coffee cups

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Did you know up to 2.5 billion coffee cups are chucked away every year? That’s a lot of forest going in the bin.  And while some cafes do their bit to promote re-usable and recyclable cups, action is needed to make all the big coffee chains put an end to the waste.

Please ask Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom to back new rules to end coffee cup waste.

Non recycled coffee cups

Here’s another fact that shocked me – in the UK less than 1 in 400 of coffee-cups are recycled. Some cups can’t even be recycled.

Many of these blow around our streets, litter our beautiful countryside, or add to the huge volumes of waste swirling around our oceans. It should be down to the multiple-billion pound businesses to sort this unacceptable problem out.

New rules on plastic bags have already cut waste dramatically. Now is the time for new rules to end coffee cup waste too.

Please sign the coffee cup petition to Andrea Leadsom today.

My favourite café already gives me a discount when I take in my own cup (or provides a recyclable one when I forget!). It’s time all coffee drinkers were rewarded for re-use. And cups that can’t be recycled must be banned completely.

Together we can reduce the waste of coffee-cups. We did it with plastic bags, and we can do it again.

Thank you for your support,
Rosie, Campaigner (and coffee drinker)


Text of petition below

To: Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom

“I want to enjoy my coffee from my favourite cafe and know that my cup won’t end up polluting our environment or in landfill.

I want to take my own cup to the cafe and be rewarded for it. And if I need a coffee on the go, then I want to be able to recycle my takeaway coffee cup.

But I want the coffee companies, who make massive profits, to come up with a solution and not make me pay for it.

That’s why I want you to get all the big coffee chains to give me some money off if I take my own cup in. I also want you to ban takeaway cups that can’t be recycled and require the big coffee chains to provide me with a recycling bin for when I don‘t have my cup with me.”


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