Generous donation received from AfSL

20th September 2016

Manchester Friends of the Earth have received a generous donation of £800 from Action for Sustainable Living. This is in memory of Chris Wright (1946 – 2014), who founded the local charity which empowered people to join together and create their own ways of living sustainably.

Moss-side community celebrating launch of project

Moss cider- one of AfSL’s projects

Activities supported by AfSL included the Moss Cider Project and the Energy Academy and AfSL worked with local authorities, schools, housing associations and businesses to help them address environmental issues.

In keeping with AfSL‘s ethos of practical action and training, we have elected to put the money towards campaign skills training and the planting of a bee- friendly wild flower meadow.

We will be announcing our training sessions and asking people to nominate spaces for bee-friendly gardens soon. Hope you can get involved!