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Stop Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto (Global Justice Now)

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Last week, Monsanto accepted a takeover bid from the chemical and pharmaceutical company, Bayer. If this goes ahead, it would become the world’s largest seed and pesticide company, a giant corporate super villain with vast control over the world’s food production.

But we can stop this from happening.

Call on the competition regulator to prevent this new mega-agribusiness

Bayer - Monsanto - Global Justice Now

The takeover is bad news for farmers and consumers across the globe. Big agribusinesses like Monsanto already use aggressive techniques to increase their market share, making their profits trump the interests of small-scale farmers, public health or the environment.

Let regulators know that this takeover presents a serious threat to public interest and they must intervene to stop it

Monsanto and Bayer are two of the biggest players spearheading a model of agriculture where corporations take increasing control over farming. Small-scale farmers across the world get locked into purchasing patented seeds and toxic chemicals from corporations, which increases farmers’ costs, creates large debts and threatens livelihoods.

The fight to regain control of our food system, and push for alternatives such as food sovereignty, is now more important than ever.

Take action now against giant agribusinesses

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Aisha Dodwell
Campaigner at Global Justice Now


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