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Act now: Save Fal Bay

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Plans to destroy a unique underwater world may soon be given the unofficial green light.

The Fal and Helford Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in Cornwall urgently needs your help.

Act Now SAve Fal Bay

Any day now, the organisation which deals with marine licensing will give “pre-application advice” to the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC).

And on the basis of this advice, the port authority may press ahead with their vision – a plan which would see them gouge a huge pathway through this precious place to provide better access for giant cruise ships.

This special space contains magnificent rocky seaweed habitats known as maerl. It is also home to wildlife such as stunning spotted rays, captivating catsharks, beautiful scallops, flashy red gurnard and other majesties of the seas.

Just like nature reserves on land, this Special Area of Conservation has been given protected status to keep it safe. We cannot let this be jeopardised.

Join Friends of the Earth and the Marine Conservation Society in urging the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to recognise the importance and vulnerability of this extraordinary place.


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