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Unite Against Fracking: presentations and resources

event report

On September 24th, over 100 people came to Manchester for a day of workshops, inspirational speakers and updates from the fracking struggle across the country.

Unite against Fracking - Campaigner training and workshops

Listed below are links to some of the presentations and resources from the day.  We will add more as they are shared.

Order your Stop Fracking Action Pack

Stop Fracking Action Pack

This pack is your 1-stop shop of information about fracking and top tips on how to stop it near you. ​

It builds on the learning of the vibrant anti-fracking movement that has successfully kept fracking out of the UK for years. It contains everything you need to combat fracking, including:

  • Information about fracking, the risks and the alternatives.
  • Handy guides to everything from spreading the word and putting on public meetings, to joining or setting up groups, influencing local decision makers and using the media and social media.
  • Materials and resources to get you started.
  • Stories and advice from people who’ve done this before, and tips on how to join forces with the wider fracking and climate movements.

Order your digital pack online.


A briefing on Ineos.

This briefing presents the findings of our ongoing investigations into INEOS’ operations. It is intended to give activists an overview of the company, its activities, and what it owns or has interests in. It also raises questions about INEOS’ lobbying activities, and its environmental performance at some of its sites, particularly at Runcorn in England. As we find out more information, we will update this briefing. We feel that it is fully legitimate to be asking questions about the past environmental record of INEOS when it is seeking to become the biggest shale gas player in the UK.  by Friends of the Earth.


Star Tactic from Creative Actions session

Tactic Star

The tactic star is a tool that leads us through a series of critical questions, to help us plan actions that are strategic, effective and purposeful. Follow the star clockwise, from the top (‘goals and strategy’) using the questions to refine the plan for an action as you go.


The Lancashire Experience session presentation (pdf ).


One Million Climate Jobs presentation  (pdf)


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