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“Urgent and dramatic” action needed on climate change, warns UN – Friends of the Earth reaction

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Responding to today’s [Thursday 3 November] UN warning that the world must urgently and dramatically increase action to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth’s international climate campaigner Asad Rehman said:

“This is a stark warning that cannot be ignored –tougher action on climate change is urgently needed to prevent the world speeding towards catastrophe.

“Governments are drinking in the ‘last chance saloon’ if the lofty goals of the Paris Climate Agreement are to be met.

“Failure to act will not only result in more killer droughts, storms and misery – it will also hurtle us towards a future where food, water and a safe home will be a luxury for the few.

“Governments, including our own, must stop the suicidal dash for more climate-wrecking developments, such as fracking and airport expansion.

“This month’s climate summit in Marrakesh is a real opportunity for the international community to ramp-up their ambition. This must include tougher pledges to cut emissions, more support for renewable power, and a genuine commitment to do their fair share to create a safer and cleaner world for us all.”


Notes to editors:

1.    The UN Environment’s annual Emissions Gap report, published at today, says the World is still heading for temperature rise of 2.9 to 3.4oC this century, even with Paris pledges.

2.    The Paris climate treaty is due to come into force tomorrow (Friday 4 November).

3.    Friends of the Earth is calling for 5 key outcomes from the climate talks:

• Increasing ambition
Increasing pre-2020 action to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal ‘to pursue efforts to stay under 1.5°C’ warming.

• Sharing the effort fairly
Ensuring all countries do their fair share of effort.

• Dealing with climate reality
The global community must begin to urgently address the lack of legal protection for ‘climate refugees’.

• Supporting energy transformation
Renewable energy solutions such as the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative and extending it globally not only reduces emission, but also improves energy access for the poor.

• Finance roadmap to 2020
Friends of the Earth will be calling for richer developed countries to take concrete steps towards fulfilling their obligations on climate finance.

4.    Blog: Are we keeping our promises on climate?, asks Asad Rehman of Friends of the Earth:

5.    Friends of the Earth analysis of the Paris climate agreement.

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