Briefing: Donald Trump and Climate Change

18th November 2016

What do Donald Trump’s policies mean for climate change?

Friends of the Earth campaigns for a world where all people can live healthy, fulfilled lives on a planet that can sustain usi. We are optimistic that humanity can overcome the huge challenges societies currently face, but doing so will require people working together at unprecedented scale. Division and intolerance is a direct threat to humanity’s ability to navigate the next few decades successfully

Download the full briefing (pdf).

4 Questions on Trump and climate






The election of Donald Trump is a frightening lurch towards intolerance, and Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland stand in solidarity with people who woke up on November 9th feeling fearful for their future. We will work with people in the USA and here to build a far stronger alternative to Mr Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric of hate and intolerance.

Many people in the USA rightly feel that politicians have presided over a broken economic system that has left too many people behind. But the answer is not to lurch backwards into intolerance, racism and cutting back on the environmental and social standards that help keep us safe.

The election of Mr Trump also has major implications for progress in tackling climate change, at USA and international levels. This briefing looks at four questions for climate change from a Trump presidency:

  • What does a Trump presidency mean for International climate negotiations?
  • What does a Trump presidency mean for action on climate in the USA?
  • Does a Trump Presidency mean that we can no longer meet the Paris Agreement goals?
  • What can people do?

Download the full briefing (pdf).

“We will have to harness our new energy, join together, and use every strategy possible to fight against hate and greed and environmental destruction. While I wish we had a different fight before us, we must fight the one presented to us. The future of our country and planet depends on it.”ii Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth USA