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URGENT: Ask Commissioner King to defend our nature laws

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This Wednesday the laws that protect our most amazing wild places and wildlife could be wrecked.  But the UK Commissioner, Sir Julian King, could still help save the laws. We all need to tell him to defend nature this week.


Bats, bees, birds and bears need strong nature laws.

Our wonderful nature is in trouble. Shockingly over the last 50 years more than half of UK species have declined.

But it’s not all bad news – British bitterns have recovered from being under threat. And we can thank EU nature laws for that.

Crucial decisions are about to be made to keep or weaken these laws – can you help save them?

The same laws are helping nature across Europe like bringing brown bears back from the brink of extinction.

Nature does not respect boundaries. Whatever our future relationship with the EU our nature here and across Europe needs stronger protection not weakening of laws.

European Commissioners – including Sir Julian – will meet on Wednesday to decide whether to keep or weaken the laws that protect some of our most treasured sites and species. This is a huge decision that will affect nature across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Last year hundreds of thousands of you helped secure support for the laws from many UK and EU politicians. But now we need Sir Julian to be on the side of nature too.

We need a final push to make sure the laws are not weakened. Instead they must be enforced properly everywhere.

Let’s make sure that Sir Julian King – the new UK Commissioner – is on the side of nature when the decision is made.


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