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Demand protection for Climate Refugees #HumanRightsDay

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This Human Rights Day please stand up for the rights of climate refugees – people forced to flee their homes because of the impacts of climate change.

Please ask the UN Secretary General to protect Climate Refugees under international law.

Please demand protection for Climate Refugees

Demand protection for Climate Refugees

Already, climate change is forcing people to leave their homes, and as it worsens even more people will have to flee from the impacts of extreme floods, droughts and super storms.

Unlike other refugees, these ‘Climate Refugees’ are not legally recognised and are not given the same protection or support under international law.

We want to change this so climate induced migration is recognised and entitled to protection. This includes support for those displaced within their own country or another, safety from being returned to danger, access to fair procedures, and measures to ensure people’s right to a dignified life.

Please demand protection for Climate Refugees

Climate change will affect us all, but will hit the world’s poorest people hardest – those whose lives are already precarious.

Climate Refugees, like other refugees and migrants, face huge obstacles when fleeing to safety. Together let’s make sure they get adequate protection.


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