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12 tips for a tasty and planet-friendly Christmas: 9: Get hold of some tasty vegetables

Whatever you’re eating this Christmas, make sure it tastes great – and is great for our environment too.  Christmas is a big moment for food lovers everywhere. This year, we’ve collected up 12 incredible tips to make your festive traditions even more special – and planet-friendly too!

From tasty gifts and cheap meal ideas to inspiration for a celebration to remember, this is your one-stop-shop for a Christmas to be proud of.

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9: Get hold of some tasty vegetables

Get hold of some tasty vegetablesHave you ever eaten a tomato that tasted like water in a vegetable outfit? It’s pretty likely it was grown in a hothouse, without natural warmth and sunlight to make them taste just right. Eating seasonally means that you get fresher, cheaper food and support the environment too. This calendar will help you choose seasonal food all year round.



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8: Play some vegetarian tunes!

7: Take action on Christmas food waste

6: Try a wintery vegan recipe this month

5: Prepare for the new year

4: Shop to impress this Christmas

3. Create some homemade gifts

2. Going for a celebratory meal?

1. Go eco-friendly this Christmas


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