European Fossil Fuel Subsidies Awards – nominations are open

2nd February 2017

Subsidising fossil fuels stands in the way of climate action across Europe while threatening our health, environment and economies. Expose the financial support for dirty energy in your country by nominating a fossil fuel subsidy for the first ever European Fossil Fuel Subsidies Awards!

By nominating a subsidy, you contribute to exposing the hypocrisy of European governments and other public institutions’ promises to tackle climate change while at the same time funding fossil fuels.

European #FossilFuelSubsidiesAwards

European countries have all agreed to scale up their efforts to tackle climate change. Still, governments and other public institutions all over Europe are spending billions of euro on funding what is causing climate change: the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. By providing subsidies – (your!) tax money – to fossil fuels, governments end up taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to climate action.

European #FossilFuelSubsidiesAwards - dinosaur

Fossil Fuel subsidies make no sense

Subsidising fossil fuels makes no sense. It stands in the way of increasing support for climate action across Europe, causes enormous harm to the environment and contributes to disease and premature deaths. It also drains public money away from important public services such as clean energy, education and health care. Still, governments and other public institutions are stubbornly doling out these subsidies to dirty industry, refusing to put an end to them.

All their efforts to provide the dirtiest, deadliest and most hypocritical support to fossil fuels deserve some well earned public recognition so that we can increase the pressure to phase them out.

Nominate a subsidy

The European Fossil Fuel Subsidies Awards will be nothing without your contribution. Luckily, nominating a subsidy is as easy as it can be. Use the nomination form and make sure you answer as many questions as possible.

You can nominate as many subsidies from as many European governments or other public institutions as you want. A shortlist of the nominated fossil fuel subsidies will be presented in March which the public (including you!) will be able to vote on in April. Make sure you get your nomination(s) in before the 1st of March!