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The government’s consultation on the future of coal power closes at 5pm this Wednesday. Do you have a couple of minutes before then to help end this polluting, out-dated form of energy generation?

End Coal for Good

Coal is dirty. It pollutes the air and makes climate change worse.

The government has committed to phasing out coal-fired power stations by 2025. But 2025 isn’t soon enough.

Now the government wants to hear from you about how, and when, to phase out coal*. This is our chance to make sure we stop burning coal even quicker.

The coal industry know it’s fighting the final battle and is still trying to convince the government to give coal more time and approve new mines in the UK.

Please email the Secretary of State now. Together we can end coal for good in the UK. 

*The government’s full consultation on its coal phase-out pledge is online here.


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