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Recent government cuts to the solar industry have already triggered an estimated 12,000 job losses. But now it’s been revealed the government could allow a huge new tax hike to be inflicted on the industry, one that could leave businesses and schools that install solar panels with a tax bill that’s up to 8 times higher.

Industry experts are raising the alarm that such a sudden and huge tax rise would prove catastrophic for swathes of UK solar firms. That’s why it’s vital we speak up now, before the changes are approved in early 2017.

Add your name to the Greenpeace petition and help push back.

“Please urgently rethink government plans to introduce huge new business rate taxes on solar”

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Solar power could play a huge role in keeping the lights on in the UK. But instead of throwing its weight behind the industry, the government wants to hike taxes on schools, hospitals and businesses that produce their own power from solar panels.

Energy experts are warning this could spell disaster for the solar industry across the country, with far less people choosing to invest.

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