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Between 6 and 14 May 2017, bakeries and baking schools around the globe will be leading a farinaceous frenzy of fougasse formation.
In French cuisine, fougasse is a type of bread typically associated with Provence but found (with variations) in other regions. Some versions are sculpted or slashed into a pattern resembling an ear of wheat. It is a cousin of the Italian focaccia.
Real Bread Week is the annual celebration of supporting your local, independent Real Bread bakery and baking your own.

Real Bread Week Fougasse

Use Your Loaf campaigner Chris has been baking fougasse . . .


This is his first attempt.
He used the Classic White Bread recipe using Oive Oil plus some dried herbs (mixed or basil, oregano etc.) in the dough with a sprinkling on top and slashing with a wet knife before baking for about 20 minutes.
An easy to tear, tasty soft bread.

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