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50 years after learning the truth about climate change, Exxon’s climate denial is having increasingly devastating consequences.

An iceberg twice the size of Samoa is about to calve off and collapse into the ocean in one of the most dramatic displays of the destruction Exxon and their peers in the fossil fuel industry have unleashed upon the planet.

Exxon’s climate denial created this iceberg. It should be named after it too.

Humble Energy - Iceberg

In 1962 Humble Energy, a division of the company that would go on to be known as Exxon, ran a full page ad in Life Magazine bragging about their ability to melt glaciers. They say that time makes fools of us all, but Exxon was more than foolish, they were criminally reckless.

What Exxon didn’t tell anyone was that only a few years after running that ad, their scientists warned the company’s executives that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels really was melting glaciers, and that it they kept burning fossil fuels that would lead to devastating consequences.

And their scientists were right. As I write this, one of the largest ice shelves in Antarctica is at breaking point. A giant rift has been rapidly developing in the Larsen Ice Shelf for years, threatening to split the shelf in two.

This collapse of sea-ice was created by Exxon’s climate denial; it should be named after it too.

Call on the UK Antarctic Place Names Committee to name the iceberg that is about to form from Larsen C the #ExxonKnew Iceberg.


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