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It’s national Clean Air Week. Tip of the Day 1-8

It’s national Clean Air Week, 24th June – 2nd July. We’re bringing you a tip a day.

Air pollution and the campaign for clean air – what you need to know

Clean air – we all want to know our air is healthy. But too many of us breathe dirty air every day, especially in our towns and cities. Air pollution is a hidden killer and it hits children, older people and the poorest hardest. This is where you can find the facts about air pollution: its causes, impacts, how to avoid it and how to help stop it. You can find out who is most affected by air pollution, investigate the air quality near you and even get in touch with other people working for cleaner air. Find out more about air pollution and the campaign for clean air,

You can take our email action to tell the Prime Minister it’s time for Clean Air Everywhere.

  • Day 8 – Plant pollution busting plants
  • Day 7 – Tell the Prime Minister its time for Clean Air Everywhere
  • Day 6 – Use public transport
  • Day 5 – Turn off your engine
  • Day 4 – Choose when to work out
  • Day 3 – Car or lift share
  • Day 2 – The air in your car
  • Day 1 – Walk or cycle to school

Day 8: Plant pollution busting plants

Plant pollution busting plants

Day 7: Ask the Prime Minster for Clean Air Everywhere

Ask the Prime Minster for Clean Air Everywhere, with this online action.

Ask the Prime Minister for Clean Air Everywhere

Day 6: Use public transport

Use tram, train and bus instead of car where possible. See TfGM’s journey planner for information about the services available.

Use Public Transport

Day 5: Turn off your engine

Our tip of the day (number 5) is to avoid engine idling if stationary for 10 seconds or more. This will save petrol, money, wear & tear and avoid the negative health effects of dirty air. See this great summary of reasons of turn of an idling engine.

Turn off your engine

Day 4: Choose when to work out

Work out at the best time of day. Joggers inhale more pollution than walkers over the same distance. The best time to run or jog is generally early, before the day’s traffic affects air quality.

Choose when you work out

Day 3:  Car or Lift Share.

Want the convenience of a car without the hassle of owning one? No more servicing, insurance, parking, MOT, repairs?  Then a car club might be the best solution for you. See City Car Club (now called Enterprise Car Club).

Or check out lift sharing options such as: Faxi, Lift Share or ZipCar.

Car or lift share

Day 2:  Walking or cycling to school is better for children’s health as cars are ‘boxes collecting toxic gases’.

Prof Sir David King, writing for the Guardian, says walking or cycling to school would be much better for children’s health. The warning comes as the UK government faces a third legal defeat for failing to tackle the country’s illegal levels of air pollution. Air pollution is known to damage children’s developing lungs but recent research also indicates it harms children’s ability to learn at school and may damage their DNA.

“Children sitting in the backseat of vehicles are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels [of air pollution],” said King. “You may be driving a cleaner vehicle but your children are sitting in a box collecting toxic gases from all the vehicles around you.”

The air in your car



Day 1:  Walking and cycling for more journeys.

Walking and cycling get your around without adding to air pollution. Not only that, they’re healthy and affordable.

Walk or cycle to work

Check out and TfGM’s festival of walking



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