#BikeforCleanAir (Bike Friday)

This month we are asking for people to upload photos of pollution hot spots and/ or clean air sweet spots. Facebook, twitter or instagram #bikeforcleanair

As usual you can join us from one of our cycle start points and cycle into Manchester to meet up at Erza and Gi cafe on Stevenson Square. For details of starting points and times, see Bike Friday website.

See you there- or if you can’t make it we would still love to see your photos!

Normally, held on the last Friday of the month, Bike Friday is a set of led commuter rides into Manchester from various starting places around Greater Manchester. Most rides leave at 8am but check the website as they vary depending on the distance from Manchester. Rides finish at Ezra and Gil,  Stevenson Square, in Manchester City Centre.

Whether you’re new to cycling, returning to your bike after a break, or cycle every day, join us on Bike Friday. We ride at a moderate pace and have experienced ride leaders. It is entirely law-abiding – we do not try to slow down the traffic. All welcome (bring a bike).

Contact: cat@manchesterfoe.org.uk

or graeme@manchesterfoe.org.uk