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Tell the government to stop subsidising dirty energy! (Biofuelwatch)

30th July 2017

The new Government has restated its commitment to the Paris Agreement, but otherwise energy and climate change seem to have been de-prioritised.

It is evident that we need fundamental energy reform to meet (and exceed) climate change targets and ensure an urgent transition to a less energy dependent and cleaner future.

With a hung parliament, individual MPs can make a bigger difference. If enough of them demand change it can happen. So we’re asking you to email your MP asking them to ensure that no more support is given to dirty and destructive energy in the UK and that real climate solutions are pursued instead!

It would be great if you could copy any correspondence you get back from your MP to biofuelwatch[at] If possible, please personalise your letter to your MP. If you’re able to visit your MP to talk to them about your concerns, that would be even better.

Please email your Member of Parliament.

Thank you on behalf of Biofuelwatch, Coal Action Network, UK Without Incineration Network and London Mining Network!