Stop the monster pig farm

9th August 2017

The beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland’s northwest coast could soon be covered in pig slurry.

If a proposed mega pig farm gets the go ahead, then part of its day-to-day operation will require the spreading of vast quantities of effluent (that’s pig poo to you and me) over a swathe of this unique corner of the UK.

This is a stretch of land that includes over a dozen of the most protected natural sites in Europe.

The slurry would trash fragile ecosystems, release harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the environment, and spread antibiotic resistant bacteria to surrounding communities.

Read more about the harm this could do here.

Watch this video to hear from local farmer, Vincent Lusby, who has passionately fought to stop this nightmare factory farm from becoming reality.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) has the power to refuse to give the developers a permit essential to them carrying out this mass pollution of our countryside.

Let them know that it would be unacceptable to grant permission for this practice.

Without that permission, the pig farm would be impossible to run at the proposed scale.

Take action now and tell NIEA that they must turn down the application to pour toxic filth on this precious landscape.