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Ask Greg Clark to refuse fracking permission in Lancashire

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It’s happened. The fracking company Cuadrilla has started drilling in Lancashire.

Drilling is the final stage before fracking. The local community will now be subject to 24 hour noise, 7 days a week, from a fracking project that local people don’t even want.

Fracking is a process that uses chemicals, sand and pressurised water to release fossil fuels that are buried deep underground. But before fracking can start the Secretary of State for Energy, Greg Clark, must sign Cuadrilla’s fracking consent application.

Opposition to fracking is at an all-time high [1]. So now’s the time to let Greg Clark know how strong the opposition is – and that he must reject fracking in Lancashire, or anywhere in the country.

Tell Greg Clark to refuse fracking

Millions of acres of land across the country could face such damage and destruction – just when the world needs to switch to renewable energy sources.

But while drilling has started, we can still stop the fracking industry taking hold.

Together we’ve already stalled Cuadrilla’s plans to frack. And people power has kept the UK frack-free for six years. So right now, the more people who write to Greg Clark and tell him that fracking must not take place, the more pressure he’ll be under to say no.

Tell Greg Clark to refuse fracking

We’ve put together a letter for you to send, so it’ll only take a minute or two for you to write to Greg Clark. Good luck!

Until we win.

Anna & the fracking team



[1] Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: Energy and climate change public attitude tracker.

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