Let’s end waste from coffee cups

5th January 2018

We reduced plastic bag waste so let’s do the same with coffee cups. Meanwhile, many of them have given us the impression their cups are recycled.

And yet because of a plastic film on the inside, very few coffee cups actually are recycled, even if you put it in your own recycling bin.

With fewer than 1 in 400 takeaway cups being recycled, your favourite barista’s brew is leaving a lot of waste. As many as 2.5 billion take-away coffee cups may be chucked away each year. The vasy majority end up in landfill, or in incinerators.

Some of the big coffee companies have taken small, positive steps recently but far more work is needed.

It’s time this multi-billion pound business was made to wake up and smell the coffee.

That’s why we want Environment Secretary Michael Gove to get the cafe chains to reward you for taking your own cup. He should also ban disposable cups that can’t be recycled and get cafe chains to provide recycling bins.

Sign our petition to end coffee cup waste.


Petition text:

To: Secretary of State for the Environment.

“I want to enjoy my coffee from my favourite cafe and know that my cup won’t end up polluting our environment or in landfill.

I want to take my own cup to the cafe and be rewarded for it. And if I need a coffee on the go, then I want to be able to recycle my disposable coffee cup.

But I want the coffee companies, who make massive profits, to come up with a solution and not make me pay for it.

That’s why I want you to get all the big coffee chains to give me some money off if I take my own cup in. I also want you to ban disposable cups that can’t be recycled and require the big coffee chains to provide me with a recycling bin for when I don‘t have my cup with me.”