Government urged to take bolder action following McDonald’s & Iceland pledges on plastic and packaging

16th January 2018

Ministers’ aim to ditch avoidable plastic within a quarter of a century looks extremely meagre.

Plans by McDonalds to tackle the impact of its packaging has been welcomed by Friends of the Earth.  Earlier today retailer Iceland revealed that it is to go plastic free on all its own brand products by 2023.

Last week the UK government committed to eliminating all avoidable plastic waste by 2042.

Friends of the Earth waste campaigner Julian Kirby said:

“Theresa May is in danger of being out greened by Ronald McDonald.

“McDonalds’ aim to reduce the impact of its packaging by 2025, including plastic, is welcome news – although speedier action in some countries, such as the UK is surely possible.

“And with retailers such as Iceland’s planning to freeze out plastics from its own brand products in five years’ time, the government’s aim to ditch avoidable plastic within a quarter of a century looks extremely meagre.

“Producers of plastic pollution have a duty to reduce it, but ministers must get much tougher too. We need greater urgency and bolder action to tackle the waste and plastic pollution that blights our wildlife and environment.”


Editor’s notes:

1. McDonalds says that “By 2025, 100 percent of McDonald’s guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources with a preference for Forest Stewardship Council certification. Also by 2025, the company has set a goal to recycle guest packaging in 100 percent of McDonald’s restaurants.”

2. Friends of the Earth says all companies should be reducing packing – especially plastic packaging – and ensuring what is used gets immediately recovered for recycling once customers have finished with it. This means governments are long overdue fulfilling their role as regulators to ensure that this happens – and that they must do more to boost infrastructure and markets to support the whole cycle.