Govt climate change adviser right to call for bolder action to slash emissions

17th January 2018

Climate action undermined by airport expansion, poor insulation, fracking and road building, says Friends of the Earth.

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change’s reaction to the government’s Clean Growth Strategy, Friends of the Earth’s senior climate campaigner Simon Bullock said:

“The government’s climate adviser is right to highlight the urgent need for tougher action to meet existing UK targets for slashing carbon emissions. They say these efforts will also need to be further increased to meet our Paris climate commitments.

“The potential rewards are enormous: a revitalised economy driven by clean technology, while showing global leadership on tackling climate-wrecking pollution.

“Bold measures are needed from across all sectors, not just some. It’s no good just boosting renewables if the government continues to allow airport expansion, refuses to help homeowners insulate homes, and supports fracking and road building.”