Help protect our Friends in Russia

19th January 2018

Last month, Andrei and two fellow activists – part of Friends of the Earth Russia – were brutally attacked. Andrei was hospitalised.

They were assaulted after investigating the apparently illegal construction of a mansion and vineyard on public forest land near the Black Sea.

The attackers took all of their belongings, including personal items, cameras and documents. We think this was a deliberate attempt to destroy their evidence and intimidate our friends who have carried out other highly sensitive investigations.

Since the attack, Andrei and other member of his organisation have also received death threats.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Join fellow activists from 75 countries across the world to call on Russian authorities to protect Andrei and his team, and investigate all previous attacks on activists.

We all have a right to stand up for what we think is right, without having to fear for our safety. 

Join us now. Email the Russian Embassy.