German court rules that cities can impose bans on diesel cars – Friends of the Earth reaction

27th February 2018

Germany’s federal court has ruled that restrictions on diesel vehicles are legally permissible – this could see people in German cities forced to leave their cars at home on days with particularly high levels of pollution.

Reacting to Germany’s federal court ruling, Friends of the Earth clean air campaigner Jenny Bates said:

“Germany’s federal court ruling shows a strong commitment to putting people’s health first and removing diesel vehicles from German cities. This is potentially a big step towards cleaning up the country’s polluted air.

“The writing is on the wall for diesels, and we need stronger action from the UK Government to protect people’s health by removing the most polluting vehicles, including diesel cars, from our streets.

“A decent scrappage scheme must be put in place to compensate drivers who brought diesel cars in good faith. This should also go hand in hand with a network of more Clean Air Zones across the country which need to come in to effect as soon as possible; along with investment to improve public transport and walking and cycling.”

See Financial Times article.