Newest “cleanest” diesel models cannot help address air quality issues

5th March 2018

Friends of the Earth reacts to claim from Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ that latest diesel models “are the cleanest in history and can help address air quality issues”

Reacting to the news that diesel sales in February fell by 23.5% and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ claim that latest diesel models “can help address air quality issues” clean air campaigner at Friends of the Earth, Aaron Kiely said:

“Despite the bold claim made by the SMMT, it’s clear that even the newest diesel models are dangerously polluting and simply cannot be part of the solution to the UK’s air pollution crisis. Shockingly, investigations now reveal that some of the newest diesels available emit far more than current regulations allow. Diesel’s days are clearly numbered, with Rome recently becoming the latest in a string of European cities taking action to remove diesel vehicles from their roads to protect people’s health.

“We need to see the UK government taking similar steps to address the quality of UK air, including a scrappage scheme to help more people move away from polluting diesel vehicles. Alongside this, we also need investment in public transport, along with walking and cycling infrastructure to get as many people as possible out of private cars and traveling via cleaner, healthier alternatives.

“Diesel vehicles simply cannot be part of the picture if we seriously want to clean up the UK’s illegally polluted air”