Another victory for environment as council votes against fracking plans at Woodsetts, Rotherham

9th March 2018

This is INEOS’ third test drill application to go to a planning committee this year, with the first two also rejected in Harthill in Rotherham, and Marsh Lane, in Derbyshire. The application site area lies approximately 30 metres from Dewidales Ancient Woodlands.

Rotherham County Council’s planning board today rejected an application from INEOS after receiving thousands of objections to the exploration plans from the public.

Chris Crean, Friends of the Earth Midlands campaigner, said:

“It’s deeply significant that Rotherham Council rejected a second INEOS test drill application in as many months.

“Along with Derbyshire’s rejection of the Marsh Lane application last month and Rotherham Council rejecting the Harthill application in January, which now makes three INEOS applications rejected by local councils in short succession already this year.

“Surely it’s time for would-be frackers to accept that this risky technology is not needed, not wanted, won’t address the challenge of climate change, and their best bet is to stop throwing good money after bad, and invest in popular, clean energy alternatives instead.”

Momentum continues to build against the fracking industry. The Secretary of State has cast doubt on the finances of Third Energy, who want to frack in Ryedale, and the company have this week confirmed that they don’t expect to be able to frack until later this year.

Actors portraying Robin Hood performed street theatre outside the town hall today, as events take place in locations across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire to show the depth of public feeling against INEOS attempts to frack in Sherwood Forest.