Joint Committee Air Quality Report: Friends of the Earth reaction

15th March 2018

Friends of the Earth submitted evidence as part of an enquiry into air quality; showing the need for the UK to adhere to World Health Organisation standards for clean air, and for a new Clean Air Act fit for the 21st century.

Friends of the Earth clean air campaigner, Jenny Bates, said:

“For years the UK government has failed to properly act on the public health emergency being caused by air pollution; Friends of the Earth is therefore pleased see this hard-hitting report demanding more action. Air pollution affects the health of everyone in the UK with the most vulnerable groups in society – children, older people and those with conditions such as asthma – paying the highest price.

“Friends of the Earth has long been calling for motor manufacturers, as key players in the current abysmal state of the nation’s air quality, to contribute to cleaning up our air. We welcome the report’s verdict that manufacturers should cover the costs of scrappage schemes to help switch consumers from the most polluting vehicles.

“While the report rightly notes that to cut air pollution the need for private vehicle use must be reduced, we also need to see the scrapping of schemes which would only increase traffic levels such as the expansion of Heathrow airport, and major road-building projects.”

Friends of the Earth is also inviting everyone across the UK to get involved in improving air quality in their local area. By ordering your own Clean Air Kit you can test the air you breathe every day and join the movement to clean up air pollution.

Friends of the Earth’s written evidence submitted as part of the joint committee’s enquiry can be read here .