Tell Michael Gove you want future farm policy to help us eat well (Sustain)

25th March 2018

Tell Michael Gove you want farm support to deliver healthier foods, as well as environmentally friendly farming, fair trading practices and high animal welfare.

2018 is a truly momentous time for the future of British farming. Farming is about producing good food for all of us. So farm policy ought to help make sure the food is available, healthy and safe.

But we are seriously concerned about the lack of reference to human health and diets – as this blog highlights – and to important sectors like organic, family farming and farm workers. Secretary of State for Defra, Michael Gove’s recent speeches have opened the possibility of a new era for farm policy but the consultation does not reflect that enough. And he really needs to hear what the British public thinks.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Please submit your response to the government’s farming consultation using either Sustain’s simplified online tool, or respond directly using Defra’s online version (which will take a bit longer).

The deadline is 8 May 2018.

Farm support uses taxpayer money. You should have a say in how it is spent! Please tell Defra now.

Yours sincerely,

Vicki Hird
Sustainable Farming Coordinator for the Sustain alliance