Friends of the Earth Director Liz Hutchins, to join Preston New Road Green Monday

31st August 2018

Communities protesting against Cuadrilla’s plans to frack Preston New Road will be joined by Friends of the Earth Director Liz Hutchins this Monday, the 3rd of September.

Friends of the Earth have supported the local communities in saying no to fracking for over 6 years and have been present at the Preston New Road site to join protestors since Cuadrilla commenced work last January. The site development has flown in the face of local democracy- as Parish, District and County Council all voting against their application to frack the area, which boasts a lively rural and farming economy.

Local communities are entering their 20th month of protest at the site and momentum is gathering for a mass protest despite Cuadrilla claiming fracking is imminent. The Green Monday protests have marked their 1-year anniversary in August and have a full agenda for the coming months.

Liz Hutchins on behalf of National Friends of the Earth has stated that she is attending the Green Monday Protest in solidarity with the communities of Lancashire.

“At the end of another summer of record breaking temperatures all over the globe, and wildfires from Greece to the Arctic Circle, it is clearer than ever that time is running out to avert runaway climate change.

The UK Government committed to the Paris Climate Agreement, yet it is pulling out all the stops to launch a new climate-wrecking fracking industry – starting in Preston then across England.

The people of Lancashire could not be clearer in their objection to fracking, and everywhere fracking is proposed, local communities say no.

Friends of the Earth will continue to support local people who have led extraordinary resistance to the imposition of fracking at Preston New Road.”

Dot Kelk of Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth also attending the Green Monday event has said that the communities will continue to stand up for local democracy: ‘no means no’… even if fracking starts democratic protest will continue. We cannot afford to invest in a polluting industry that belongs to the past when our climate future hangs in the balance.’

The speeches on site will take place at 1:30 pm on Monday 3rd September; Liz Hutchins and other campaigners will be available for interview at the Preston New Road site from 2pm on Monday.

Point of Contact Pollyanna Steiner (07581 461 511)