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Transport for Greater Manchester are seeking views on the development of the city centre. They are working with Manchester City Council and Salford City Council. You have until Wednesday 17th October to give your views on how you find getting around the city centre, what works, and what can be improved.

TfGM City Centre Conversation 2018

They’ve created an online survey to learn more about how they should go about:

  • Ensuring the city centre’s transport network is fit for the future
  • Improving air quality across the city region
  • Addressing the impacts on neighbouring areas
  • Reducing congestion in, and around, the city centre
  • Making the city centre a more attractive place

Alternatively, you can visit the open data Mapping GM website and provide your views on specific locations. You can also download and complete a Word version of the survey or simply email your comments to

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Some pointers from us

Many of the questions are about your own experiences. There are some that ask you for your ideas about how to improve the situation with transport in the city centre. We’re sure you have many ideas for this, but just in case you’d like some suggestions we’ve prepared the following to get you started:

Question: What sort of things might we do for travel into and around the city centre that would encourage you to use alternatives to the car, or to discourage unnecessary car use in general?

  • Make cycling and walking the safest and most comfortable option with safe, comfortable and protected cycle routes and high quality walking routes
  • Convenient and secure on-street cycle parking
  • Longer crossing times at pedestrian crossings (this is particularly important for older people and people with limited mobility)
  • More frequent and affordable bus services
  • Better integrated ticketing, i.e.being able to use the same ticket on bus, train and tram
  • Higher costs for car parking in the city centre (to help encourage people to choose other modes)

Question: What would it take to encourage you to use public transport more frequently to travel into the city centre?

  • More affordable bus and tram fares
  • Better ticket integration, e.g. being able to use the same ticket on bus, tram and train
  • More frequent services
  • More pleasant waiting areas
  • Cleaner buses (i.e. lower pollution emissions)

Question: What are the main challenges when travelling into and around the city centre?

  • Lack of safe and comfortable cycling routes
  • Need for better and safer walking routes and safe crossings
  • The high cost of bus fares

Question: People travelling into the city centre can have an impact on neighbouring areas. Which of the following will help reduce the impact?

  • All for the options listed, plus safe and comfortable cycling and walking routes

Question: Which of the following do you think would be the best way to manage the amount of car parking in the city centre?

  • Reduce the total amount of space provided for car parking and have greater parking controls around the inner ring road and neighbouring areas

Question: What sort of things might we do in the city centre that would improve access to rail stations?

  • Ensure all rail stations are accessible to people with disabilities and mobility impairments.
  • Secure cycle parking at all stations

Question: Which of the following do you think would be a good way to improve air quality in the city centre?

  • All of the options they give
  • A clean air zone that uses a charging mechanism to discourage polluting vehicles from the zone.

Link to the TfGM online survey


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