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Switch to Ecotricity and they will donate £50 to Friends of the Earth

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Here in the UK, electricity generation is responsible for a quarter of our carbon emissions – making it a huge contributor. That means we urgently need to change the way we power our country and our homes. 
Fracking for more gas to burn is not the solution. The government’s decision to allow fracking to start in Lancashire was a backwards step in the fight against climate change.

But luckily there’s a simple action we can all take to reduce our own impact – switching to green energy.

Our partners at Ecotricity offer 100% green electricity and frack-free gas. They use their customers’ energy bills to build new sources of green energy in Britain. And if you join them today they’ll donate up to £50 to Friends of the Earth – plus the same again for every year you stay with them.

So please consider switching to Ecotricity today and join the thousands of people whose energy bills are helping to tackle climate change.

Already with Ecotricty? Why not share this link with your friends?

As well as cutting your own emissions, you’ll boost our campaign for faster government action to climate change.

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