URGENT: Ask your MP to attend fracking debate (CPRE)

28th March 2019

Our campaign to stop fast-tracked fracking has reached a crucial stage.

Together, we’ve been able to force another debate in parliament on the government’s proposals to change planning rules to make it easier for companies to start exploratory fracking. This is the third debate and the biggest yet…

These damaging moves to push fracking on communities will be thrashed out on the UK’s biggest political stage, the main chamber of the House of Commons on Thursday 28 March.

So, will you write to your MP and ask them to attend on Thursday?

Only 13% of people think that the government is listening to their concerns regarding fracking and campaigners like you have refused to let the issue drop.

  • Over 200,000 of you signed our petition against fast-tracked fracking.
  • Over 50 MPs and 850 councillors have publically opposed the proposals after we flooded their inboxes with letters.
  • Thousands of you called on government not to relax regulations to allow fracking companies to cause bigger earthquakes.

The pressure is reaching the heart of government.

If the government decides to go ahead with these proposals they will become law without MPs having chance to scrutinise them. This debate is the most significant chance yet to give MPs a say.

Please write to your MP and ask them to attend on Thursday?