Help create a full-time Climate Youth Champion!

3rd May 2019

Here’s a message from Amelia, campaigner with Young FOE Manchester and member of the Manchester Climate Change Board and Youth Board:

Please support our campaign for a full time, paid climate youth champion in Manchester!

Across the city and country there are countless young people campaigning on environmental issues, however school, university and work constraints make this difficult. It can often mean that exciting opportunities have to be missed and ideas that could make a real difference are not realised.

A full time youth champion could help change this…

By working with the Manchester Climate Change Board and the wider community of youth climate activists in Manchester, they would aim to drive progress on climate change. They would be able to represent the views and demands of young people to politicians and business leaders at events across the country, as well as create a city-wide youth climate network that would enable the amplification of young voices on climate.

It is undoubtable that we have a different perspective to many adults – let’s have this represented!

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