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Take Action on Climate Change (Tyndall Centre)

Humans are causing climate change. Here are six actions on climate change that make a big difference. More information on this actions is shown below. (This flyer is available as a pdf download.)

  1. Heating: Hot water and heating is the biggest share of energy use in UK homes at about 80%. A few small changes can save you money and improve comfort, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. The National Energy Foundation and the Energy Saving Trust have advice on reducing energy use.
  2. Switch to a green energy supplier: Green energy suppliers sell renewable electricity. There are lots of different options to choose from, and they might even be cheaper; USwitch will compare green tariffs for you. You can still switch if you’re on a prepayment meter or in a rented home.
  3. Vegetarian options: Plant-based foods are produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions than meat, fish and dairy products (particularly beef, which is the highest emission source of protein) and have health benefits. Veg box delivery companies and green grocers are affordable, source locally, and reduce emissions from lower food miles and avoid plastic packaging.
  4. Ask your MP: Combating climate change requires policies from politicians. Polls show that most people in the UK are worried about climate change, yet MPs may not know that their constituents care. Contacting your MP makes it more likely that they will understand who they represent. Go to to find your MP’s contact details.
  5. More journeys by bus, train, bike or walking: Reducing the number of journeys made by petrol or diesel cars cuts local air pollution and carbon emissions. Switching short journeys to walking or cycling also has health benefits. Google Maps and Sustrans show alternatives to driving routes
  6. lying less: Air travel is one of the most carbon-intensive things we do. Alternatives to flying, such as attending work meetings online, or holiday travel by train saves carbon emissions. Seat 61 and Loco 2 show how to get to European destinations by train

Useful links

National Energy Foundation:
Energy Saving Trust: or 0800 512012
Seat 61: and Loco 2:

Developed by Emily Cox, James Mason, Charlotte Brown, Christina Birch and Chris Jones. Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

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