Sign up for #TheTimeIsNow mass climate lobby (26th June)

13th June 2019

It’s no secret we’re facing a climate emergency. So why does it seem our MPs are the last to know?

We need to tell them that it’s time to sit up and take notice. Time to act. Time to fight climate chaos.

This summer, the government will have to decide:

Is it worth slashing the UK’s climate-wrecking emissions by committing to a net zero target?
Should we protect and restore nature, here and abroad, by setting out the most ambitious environment law in 20 years?

It’s not rocket science. The time is now to say yes to real action.

Sign up today

On 26 June, we’re inviting supporters from every corner of the UK to take this message straight to Parliament – and we want as many local groups as possible to join in.

10,000 of us will surround Westminster, aiming to meet with every single MP and tell them why voters across the country demand action now. A giant street party with a really serious message.

Your support is going to be crucial. We know many people won’t be able to get down to London on the day. But there are loads of ways local groups can help everyone get involved – from meeting your MP or holding an event in your constituency beforehand, to spreading the word on social media, to coming along on the day and bringing voices, images and sounds from people where you live.

And don’t forget, you can come along on your own too. There are even coaches scheduled from some locations and travel discounts available to help you or your group get to London.

If you’re joining as a whole Friends of the Earth local group, please email us too with any questions, comments or ideas. We’ll make sure you have all the information and resources you need to make the most of your involvement.

The time is now to fight climate chaos. Join us.

Help spread the word from where you are: If you can’t join the lobby, you can still help spread the word, get people in your community involved, and make sure your MP hears our messages loud and clear. We’ve written a briefing to help you.

For more information and the latest news, check out the website and dedicated Facebook page where you can also link up with others attending.

We’re facing an environmental emergency. But together, we know we can make our MPs sit up and take notice. Let’s tell them the Time is Now to act.