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Tell GM Pension Fund Stop Funding Climate Destruction (19th July)

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GMPF continue to invest more than £1 Billion in fossil fuel companies – including nearly £700 million in companies like Shell and BP which spend millions of pounds in actively obstructing action against climate change.

GMPF have avoided talking to local climate groups despite repeated requests and havevcontinued to re-state their failed policy of ‘constructive engagement’ with these huge corporations. This is despite warnings of the financial risks to companies of inaction and of calls by Government Ministers that Pension schemes and their investment managers must take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously and use funds to tackle climate change..

We urge all climate groups in Greater Manchester to support this protest outside the AGM of the Fund on Friday 19th July gathering from 12.30 onwards.

Guardsman Tony Downes House is just about 100 yards along from Droylesden Tram stop.

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