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Next PM has 18 months to act on climate crisis – reaction

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Committee on Climate Change urges tough and rapid measures to slash emissions.

UK credibility on climate change rests on government action over next 18 months, the Committee on Climate Change [CCC] says today .

The government’s climate advisor says the government is off target for meeting emission reduction targets, and that over the past year, it’s delivered just 1 of 25 critical policies needed to get back on track.

Friends of the Earth’s head of policy, Mike Childs said:

“It will take more than warm words to fix the climate crisis. Prime Minister Theresa May keeps talking about the need for climate action, while giving the green light to fracking and more roads and runways.

“Ending the nation’s reliance on planet-wrecking gas, coal and oil must be the number one priority for the next Prime Minister.

“Reining in the rogue Department for Transport is crucial. It’s been speeding in the wrong direction for far too long, with transport responsible for the largest source of polluting emissions.

“Billions of pounds are being squandered on gas-guzzling developments, while trams, trains, buses and cycling are starved of investment.

“There are huge economic and health benefits from leading the charge to a cleaner, safer future – all that’s lacking is the political will.”

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