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To: Manchester City Council – Build a Green, Community Space, not a CAR PARK (38 Degrees)

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We the undersigned petition Manchester City Council to transform the old Central Retail Park into a 10 acre Green, Community space, not a 440 space car park.

Why is this important?

Manchester City Council is planning to turn the old Central Retail Park on Great Ancoats Street into a 440 space car park.

If the car park is built, there will be around 1000 cars moving in and out onto already busy Great Ancoats Street. This will increase pollution in a city with appalling childhood asthma rates and one which consistently ranks amongst cities with the worst air quality in Europe. The site is also right next to a primary school.

Manchester City Council has declared a climate emergency, and has committed to reducing carbon emissions. Building a huge car park that will increase pollution is in direct contradiction to this.

With the application going to planning on 22nd August, we have until 17th August to make our voice heard. Please sign the petition now, and call on Manchester City Council to turn this area into a much needed green community space for families, residents and visitors.

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