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Time is running out. Save ancient woodlands from HS2 (Woodland Trust)

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HS2 is set to destroy swathes of ancient woodland as the controversial rail route forces its way through our countryside. Damaging preparatory work is happening right now, even as rising costs and an upcoming government review calls the future of the project into question.

(Glyn Davies Wood, Warwickshire – almost half of this wood is due to be lost to HS2. 
Credit: Phil Formby)

Ancient woodland is our most precious natural habitat. It cannot be moved. It cannot be replaced.

The construction of HS2 will destroy the homes of animals likes badgers, bats, butterflies and barn owls. What woodland is left will be fragmented, trapping animals that cannot cross the railway in much smaller areas of habitat.

It’s a terrible situation – we could lose many of our greatest national assets for no reason at all:

Priceless havens for wildlife bulldozed for a project that might not even happen

Time is of the essence. We need you to act fast and apply pressure on central government. Tell them the review must consider more than just the financial costs of HS2, and that work that could damage our woodlands must stop whilst the future of HS2 is uncertain.

Destroying our precious ancient woodlands is an awful mistake that will be looked back on in shock by future generations, and time is running out to protect these woods that protect our wildlife.

Please email Douglas Oakervee, Grant Shapps MP and Paul Maynard MP. Ask them to stop the clocks on HS2 and review the environment impact.

Tell the government to stop the clock and rethink HS2.

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