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Guardian climate score: how did the Greater Manchester MPs do?

On Friday 11th October, the Guardian newspaper published an interactive tool to explore MPs’ records on 16 climate votes.

Parliament declared a climate emergency in May, but what do MPs’ voting records indicate about their commitment to the issue?

The Guardian’s climate ranking shows readers their MP’s record on 16 indicative climate votes between 2008 and 2018. Each MP has been assigned a score between 0% and 100% based on their voting record.

The lower the score, the worse the record.

Boris Johnson’s climate score

The scores are accompanied, if applicable, by their declared interests related to fossil fuel companies, climate sceptics and airports.

How did the Greater Manchester MPs do?

The table below shows how well (or not) the 27 Members of Parliament who represent the Greater Manchester constituencies did.

Note: the n/a listing is because the MP was not present for enough of the climate votes for a score to be assigned.

More information on how the scores were calculated is available on the Guardian Climate Score webpage.

As the website highlights – “this analysis is meant to be a starting point, rather than the final word. Due to the party whip system and arcane parliamentary rules, it cannot be a definitive guide to an MP’s climate credentials. But it is a tool for voters to question whether their MPs are representing their climate concerns.”

Perhaps you would like to write to your MP and encourage them to raise your concerns about climate change and the need for urgent action.

The votes and a list of relevant interests were chosen by the Guardian and DeSmog, in consultation with other experts, who also determined whether votes were pro-climate or not. Full methodology here.

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