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How climate friendly is your area?

Local authorities have an important and often over-looked role in cutting carbon emissions and solving the climate crisis, but most are doing far too little, and even the better performing ones can do much more. From eco-heating to e-bikes, from transport to tree planting, more can and should be done.

The majority of Greater Manchester’s local authorities have declared a climate emergency and all are part of the city-region’s commitment to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2038.

Identifying the practical steps to address the climate emergency can be a challenge, so Friends of the Earth has looked at key areas like transport, buildings and waste to identify where emissions can be cut and propose local targets to reach net-zero. Results for every local authority area in England are available via our postcode look-up tool.

We have also put together a Climate Action Plan to help councils lead the way where the national government continues to fail.  Covering everything from raising money, to transport, to protecting the most vulnerable, this plan contains 50 suggested actions that can be adapted to meet local needs.

Our Greater Manchester Climate Action Companion Guide (pdf) also shows how the Climate Action Plan for councils applies to the Greater Manchester context, analysing what the Greater Manchester Combined Authority has already committed to do and identifying where there’s scope for going further.

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