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To: Party leaders – Take part in a national televised climate and nature debate

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Alongside school-strike organisers UKSCN, we are calling on the leaders of the UK’s political parties to agree to a televised climate and nature debate ahead of the general election on 12th December.

Why is this important?

The last year has seen an incredible surge in public demand for action on the climate and nature emergency. A record 85% of the public are now concerned about climate change, and for the first time ever a majority is saying the climate crisis will affect how they vote.

This is our chance for the UK’s first climate and nature election. It’s also one of the last chances we’ll get to lock in the urgent change we need before it’s too late.

But here’s the thing: the public agrees that right now politicians aren’t talking about the climate and nature emergency – or what they plan to do about it – anywhere near enough. To make sure this climate moment becomes a climate mandate, this needs to change.

A national, televised party leaders debate on solutions to the climate and nature emergency would be a world first.

It would put the defining issue of our generation at the top of the agenda for every political leader, and force them to explain exactly what action they’ll take.

It would drive a race to the top in climate action commitments.

It would allow everyone to be part of the most important conversation we’ve ever had.

Most of all, it could be the key to the real, urgent change we need the public wants.

Climate and nature breakdown will affect everything and everyone – starting with the most vulnerable first. For too long political debate has sidelined the issue that threatens everything we value – that’s why it’s now an emergency.

Party leaders will only sign up to this unprecedented debate if they know the public is demanding it. Add your voice, and let’s make this happen.

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