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41% of insect species face extinction. 

Insects are dying out up to 8 times faster than larger animals says a new report showing the devasting and serious decline in insect populations happening right now across Britain. 

This is a grave cause for concern – it impacts us all as well as all wildlife. Insects pollinate three quarters of our food crops, and they are the main food source for many birds as well as small mammals and fish.

Why is this happening? 

Loss of habitat and overuse of pesticides are two of the major causes of this current tragedy.  But it’s not too late to act. We’re working with other experts who are also concerned about the issues and impacts – and we are united in our belief that this situation can be reversed: insect populations can recover, and we know what needs to be done to save them.

Let’s help build a Wilder Future for Britain where insects and wildlife can thrive. If we work together, we can all:

STOP killing insects by reducing our use of pesticides where we live, work and farm 

START to create more insect-friendly habitats in towns, cities and the countryside.

The easiest thing we can all do today is pledge to help insects.

Join Action for Insects

I pledge to take practical, positive action in my own home and garden to help insects 

When you pledge, you will receive two easy guides to help you go chemical free, and create safe and healthy homes for insects. If you opt in to receive emails, we will also keep you updated with further Action for Insects news and actions

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