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Ask your election candidates to sign our climate pledge

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Flooding. Fires. Famine. The climate emergency is real. And it’s already taking its toll.

The run-up to the election is our chance to secure climate commitments from as many candidates as possible – to make sure the next parliament is packed with MPs who are firmly committed to tackle the crisis.

As a constituent you have the power to make them listen. So here’s an easy way you can ask your local candidates to make a Climate Action Pledge – and make the climate crisis a deal-breaker every time they vote.

Will you email your local candidates today? Make sure they know that they must tackle the climate emergency head on and build a greener, fairer world if elected.

Ask your election candidates to sign our climate pledge

We’re using candidate data from the crowdsourced Democracy Club project. If you can’t see a candidate that you were expecting, it’s because we don’t have their email address. You can help fill gaps in the dataset:

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