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Fossil fuel company adverts must display climate change warnings (Client Earth)

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We’re in a climate emergency that fossil fuel companies helped create.

Right now BP is flooding the public with adverts about its clean energy. The truth is that more than 96% of BP’s annual spend is still on oil and gas. We think these ads are greenwashing. 

ClientEarth lawyers are taking action. We demand that all advertising by fossil fuel companies displays a warning about the impact burning fossil fuels has on people and the planet.

And we need your help.

Sign this petition today to call on the next UK government to legislate for all fossil fuel advertising to come with a warning about its climate impact. It’s time for fossil fuel companies to tell the whole truth.

In decades past, tobacco companies were able to mislead the public about the safety of their products. In today’s climate emergency, the public should know #TheWholeTruth about the climate-damaging impact of fossil fuels. 

So we’re taking action.

As the next government takes office in December, we’re demanding that all advertising by fossil fuel companies contains a warning about the impact on people and the planet. Sign the petition today!

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